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DATE: 2020

LEARNING SOLUTION: A complete suite of interactive and engaging eLearning modules covering a multitude of topics related to an organization's products and services. 

Each PKU certification track is assigned a specific product category.  Each track is typically made up of one to three courses, each varying in difficulty level.  All courses contain pre and post-tests. All post-tests found within a certification track required a minimum score of 80% in order to become PKU-certified in that specific product category.

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Below are screenshots of the project along with a description for each image.
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The organization was looking to add a fun formative assessment to its "call center new-employee training" curriculum as the old pen and paper quiz method was too boring. They requested a quiz that didn't feel like a quiz.

Keep reading to find out how this simple "game" provided more value than what was initially expected.


For this project, my role was more of an eLearning developer. I followed the ADDIE and rapid e-learning approaches as the organization provided a short timeline and because it was a fairly quick project. I was not involved in the discovery or content gathering therefore I do not have feedback regarding the quality of the questions/answers used.

Analysis:  The organization's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provided a storyboard containing the questions and answers that they wanted in the quiz along with their project guidelines.

Design: I used multiple resources to design the project. The organization requested a sports-themed quiz but no other design details were provided. 

Develop: I developed the project using popular authoring tools and resources, mostly Articulate Storyline. 

Implementation:  I provided the Storyline files, the link to access the course and quickly begin using it, and I trained different trainers on how to edit the project.

Evaluation: I did not play a part in the evaluation process. I can only comment on the actual gaming experience was. According to the feedback provided, the basketball game (they didn't even call it a quiz) was so much fun.


The organization was very satisfied with the project.  I met or exceeded the deadlines and expectations. Although they originally intended to use it during the onboarding of associate of one specific department, other departments later implemented the fun quiz into their own curriculums. This project was such a "refresher" as it brought life and engagement to a somewhat dull moment of the onboarding experience. In addition, the trainers were able to conduct their formative assessment (analyze how their learners were doing with the material) but in a much more fun way.

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