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A safe, interactive, systems training environment.  With the use of this course, the organization is able to train new systems or complex procedures without using live customer accounts during training!

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Below are screenshots of the project along with a description for each image.
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An organization did not have a training environment for certain sections of their system.  In addition, it was close to impossible for trainees to practice processing credit card transactions, refunds, and statement transactions as these transactions were only available on their live system with live customer accounts, and while a real customer is on the phone. 

I used Articulate Storyline to create an interactive system simulator that could be used during the organization's new hire training.


For this project, I played an all-inclusive Instructional Designer role and followed the typical ADDIE and rapid e-learning approaches to quickly meet the organization's deadline.

Analysis:  I conducted a needs assessment and confirmed that a simulator was exactly what they needed.  I met with the organization's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who provided additional information along with system screenshots to help create this project.

Design:  Due to the short timeline, a detailed storyboard was not created but a short outline containing the main topics and expectations was developed.

Develop: I developed the project using popular authoring tools and resources specifically, Articulate 360 products. 

Implementation:  I provided the files to the organization as requested.  I did not play a part in the implementation process.

Evaluation: I did not play a role in the evaluation phase however, the stakeholder communicated that their onboarding experience improved as their new hires were better prepared to transition into their toles because they were able to practice those tasks using the simulator.


The organization was very satisfied with the project and even implemented it into their new-employee training curriculum. I met or exceeded their deadlines and expectations. The stakeholders communicated how happy their trainers were to be able to use this online training/simulator during their in-person new hire classes. In addition, surveys the organization conducted showed that employee preparedness and confidence levels increased by 95% and the escalation of customer phone calls due to the lack of training reduced by 90%.

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